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Corinne is still performing after all these years

Greetings! I hope you have been taking care of yourself and enjoying life! I have been focusing on self-development during the pandemic and only performing on rare occasions. That changed in 2022 when I had the immense fortune to join Incandescence for their trip to the great circle in that thing in the desert. We had a fantastic group of individuals that worked as pods to develop our choreography. We met each and every week from February until August. The process was grueling for a seasoned performer and I was working a full time job in medicine at the time! (My alter ego saves animal lives). I am so glad I participated in the process and met so many amazing performers. There was a lot of footage shot documenting the process along the way and I truly hope I get to share that someday if it is released.

I still haven't seen video from actual burn night but this is our "rehearsal performance" at Camp Walter on Esplanade:

After we returned to Phoenix, we were invited to perform at an event called Liminality where we performed sections of our routine:

This year, I was fortunate to REPEAT THE GRUELING PROCESS (hehehe) with AZ Fire of Life Conclave. We pushed ourselves just as hard under new leadership and we made the cut, again. I am so grateful for the Arizona Fire phamily and community. When we have goals, we push through and make beautiful art together even in the hottest months when we want to melt into the asphalt of the Phoenix blacktop.

I have been quietly still performing locally, albeit far less frequently during the pandemic since my medical skills were on high demand. In April, I began the process of taking a sabbatical from medical while I focus on building up a business I used to work for and was recently offered to purchase. I am now the chief manufacturing specialist for Fire Mecca, a US-based company, that has been proudly making fire props in Tucson, Arizona since approximately 2005. In May, I moved the entire operation out of a shared maker space in Tucson and into my spare bedroom in Sunny, Arizona. It's been a very interesting process and I am having SO MUCH FUN making fire poi, palm torches, eating torches, staff, fans, and breathing torches. I brushed up on my welding skills and took over every aspect of the manufacturing process. I have help from a couple friends when the workload gets a little too heavy for me and my elbows to keep up with. I cannot wait to see where Fire Mecca brings me and my Mourning Fyre path. Thank you for dropping in and seeing how we've been doing! Drop us a note if you have questions about entertainment for your next event!


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