MourningFyre emerged from the fires of creativity in 2007 to bring safe, professional fire entertainment to the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Our love and respect of fire and its powers of creation and destruction have molded the troupe into a force to be reckoned with.


Specializing in wildly creative, spontaneous fire shows, we also maintain the utmost highest standards of safety and professionalism.  We follow stringent standards of fire safety and each performer carries fire performer insurance to guarantee we are serious about providing exhilarating yet safe fire entertainment.


We have years of experience with a multitude of fire performance tools.  Providing everything from Poi, Staff, Hoop, Fans, Rope Dart, Snakes, Palm Torches, Swords, Whips, Parasol, Buster Sword and Fire Breathers, we are sure to excite the crowd!


Can't see fire fitting in with your event?  We provide the same level of performance with L.E.D. versions of most of our tools. 


We stilt walking and stilt dance to our repertoire.  We have a wide variety of costumed characters on stilts and are ever expanding our collection.  Stilt walkers and dancers make a great addition to any party or celebration!