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MaskedAZ is a cultural arts masquerade event, blending the creative tribes of the Greater Phoenix area, celebrating our similarities and differences in a safe space of the Unexpected Art Gallery.

Happenings: GALLERY EXHIBITION - FASHION SHOW - GRAFFITI PAINTING - GLASS BLOWING - FLOW ARTS - BANDS - DJS - RAFFLE - SILENT AUCTION - MASK MAKING BODY MARBELING - BREAKDANCERS - WELLNESS OASIS - ELIXIR BAR - ART CARS - RACE CARS - MERCHANTS - FOOD TRUCKS - BREWERIES - SPIRITS The masks we create support personal and community awareness, bringing opportunity to see self and others in a new way. This recognition, inward and outward, empowers individuals through under- standing the value of ones presence, elevation their role in the community.

Reveal your role and the part you play and join us for a night of revelry, melding visual art, performance, provisions, and spirits!

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